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Welcome to
Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research (JHRR)

The Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research (JHRR) is a premier peer-reviewed platform dedicated to advancing knowledge in health and rehabilitation sciences. JHRR publishes a wide array of scholarly works including original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case reports, and insightful commentaries. Embracing a comprehensive scope, the journal spans across physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, nursing, and dives into the intricacies of pharmaceutical sciences and advanced healthcare studies like genetics. JHRR aspires to enrich clinical practices and patient care outcomes, serving as a pivotal resource for the health and rehabilitation community including researchers, clinicians, and students.

ISSN Online: 2791-156X
Frequency: Bi-Annually (June 2021 - December 2023); Quarterly (January 2024 - onwards)
Publisher: Link Medical Institute
Website: https://jhrlmc.com/
Address: 16 Commercial, Sunny Park, PCSIR Phase II, Lahore

Aims and Objectives


To serve as an authoritative source for cutting-edge research in health, rehabilitation, pharmaceutical sciences, and advanced healthcare studies. JHRR fosters the development of evidence-based interventions to promote health, prevent diseases, and enhance the quality of life.


  • Promote Interdisciplinary Research: Bridging diverse health and rehabilitation fields to tackle complex health issues.

  • Disseminate High-Quality Research: Publishing groundbreaking research with a commitment to academic excellence.

  • Enhance Clinical Practice: Informing and improving clinical practices to elevate patient outcomes.

  • Support Emerging Scholars: Providing an esteemed platform for the next generation of researchers.

  • Stimulate Policy Discussion: Influencing policy with innovative research in health and rehabilitation.

  • Foster Global Collaboration: Encouraging international cooperation and knowledge exchange.

  • Uphold Ethical Standards: Maintaining the highest ethical integrity in our publications.

  • Promote Accessibility: Ensuring broad access to our research for all stakeholders in health and rehabilitation.


JHRR is committed to a broad and inclusive discussion within health and rehabilitation, including but not limited to:

  • Rehabilitation Outcomes: Evaluating interventions for disabilities, chronic conditions, and injuries.

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Innovative strategies for holistic health improvement.

  • Chronic Pain and Musculoskeletal Conditions: Evidence-based interventions for pain and musculoskeletal health.

  • Psychological and Sociocultural Dimensions: The intersection of health and psychological/social well-being.

  • Nutritional Rehabilitation: The role of diet in the recovery and rehabilitation process.

  • Speech and Language Pathology: Advancements in overcoming communication disorders.

  • Assistive Technologies: How technology aids daily living and independence.

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Exploring the impact of drugs and pharmacology on health and rehabilitation.

  • Advanced Healthcare Studies: Cutting-edge research in genetics and other innovative healthcare fields.

  • Rehabilitation Services and Health Policy: Analysis of healthcare delivery models and policies.

  • Interprofessional Practice and Education: Collaborative efforts and training in health professions.

  • Assessment and Evaluation: Measuring health outcomes and intervention effectiveness.

Submission and Peer-review Process

Contributions are welcomed from the global research community, with each submission undergoing a stringent peer-review to ensure quality and relevance. To submit, email us at submit@jhrlmc.com.

Waiver Policy

JHRR offers a waiver policy for authors facing financial constraints to ensure research accessibility. Contact us for details.

Annual Subscription

Access to JHRR is provided free of cost online, promoting widespread accessibility to our published research.


We invite submissions that contribute to our expansive scope, including pharmaceutical sciences and genetics within the health and rehabilitation domain. Share your insights with a global audience by submitting your research to JHRR at submit@jhrlmc.com.