ORIC (Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization)

Welcome to the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) at Link Medical Institute. Our mission is to advance cutting-edge research in medical and health sciences, fostering innovation and commercialization to enhance healthcare outcomes globally. ORIC is committed to transforming healthcare through sustainable research practices, strategic partnerships, and the development of innovative solutions that benefit society. Join us in our journey to lead healthcare advancements and make a lasting impact on global health.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building

Our mission

To advance and support cutting-edge research in medical and health sciences, fostering innovation and commercialization to enhance healthcare outcomes globally.

Our vision

To become a leading institution in transforming healthcare through research, innovation, and sustainable commercial practices that benefit society and contribute to global health advancements.


Enhance Research Quality and Output: Promote high-quality, impactful research that contributes significantly to the field of medical sciences.

Foster Innovation and Commercialization: Drive the development of innovative healthcare solutions and facilitate their path to market.

Develop Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with academic, industrial, and governmental organizations to expand research opportunities and resource availability.

Support Talent Development: Build capacity by supporting researchers, clinicians, and students through training and development programs.

Influence Policy and Healthcare Practice: Use research outputs to inform and improve healthcare policies and practices.

ORIC Organizational Structure
  1. Director of ORIC: Leads and manages all ORIC activities, sets strategic direction, and ensures alignment with the institute's overall goals. Responsible for reporting to top management and ensuring effective implementation of ORIC's initiatives.

    • Current Role Holder: Dr. Umair Ahmed, PT,PhD

  2. Deputy Director of ORIC: Assists the Director in overseeing all ORIC activities, focusing on strategic initiatives, innovation, and commercialization.

    • Current Role Holder: Dr. Bilal Umar, PhD* ,MS-OMPT.PGD PE& TM.

  3. Research and Ethics Officer: Ensures all research complies with national and international regulations, oversees ethical approvals, and maintains standards for research integrity.

    • Current Role Holder: Adv. Mubashar Hassan Dhuddi, LLM,MS Ethics.

  4. Communications and Development Coordinator: Organizes training sessions, workshops, and seminars; manages internal and external communications including ORIC's website, publications, and public relations; and supports business development efforts.

    • Current Role Holder: Dr. Maryam Shabbir,PT, PhD

  5. Finance Manager: Manages grant proposals, funding sources, and the financial aspects of research projects. Assists in identifying funding opportunities and writing grant proposals.

    • Current Role Holder: Nimra Bilal

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Research Grants Obtained

  • Publications in High-Impact Journals

  • Training Workshops Conducted

  • Patents Filed and Licensed

  • Commercial Partnerships Established

  • Feedback from Stakeholders

Our dedicated team at ORIC is passionate about driving innovation and excellence in medical research. Together, we are committed to transforming healthcare and making a global impact through our groundbreaking initiatives and collaborative efforts